The Most Influential People in Education

The United Kingdom’s education system has changed dramatically since the first grammar school was founded in Canterbury, in 598 AD.  It has evolved thanks to the ideas of many politicians, academics, philosophers and educators.

These great thinkers proposed new ways of learning that helped to improve how people are educated.  They also worked on improving the school system in the United Kingdom and how classrooms operate.  This article will take a look at some of the most influential thinkers in education and how their work impacted the education system in the UK.

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interview tips from Strategy Education

Top 8 interview tips

In the hunt for a new job, creating your CV and applying for vacant positions is the easy part. The real challenge comes when you are invited to attend a formal job interview, as this can turn even the most confident of candidates into nervous wrecks.

However, seeing as this is going to be your best chance to sell yourself and stand out from the competition, it is essential that you make the most of the opportunity.

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Top 7 tips on how to survive your first week as a temp

How to Survive Your First Week as a Temp

Whether you have just left university or are in the process of switching careers, temporary work through an agency is a great option. It allows you to gain experience and knowledge as well as providing you with the opportunity to earn money.

Whilst there are a number of benefits to working as a temp, the idea of taking on a temporary role can be daunting. So, to help you we have put together our top tips for surviving your first week as a temporary employee.

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CV with a wow factor

Create a CV with a ‘wow’ factor and secure that interview

Your curriculum vitae is one of the first chances that you have to impress a potential employer. It should showcase your experience and qualifications, not to mention all your greatest achievements and attributes.

A good CV is one that is clear and concise. A rambling document that includes a ton of irrelevant information is never going to impress the person reading it.

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Interview advice

10 things you should never do during an interview

When it comes to applying for a job there is a good chance that you will have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to secure yourself an interview.

After putting together your CV, drafting a cover letter and then perhaps sailing through a telephone interview, the last thing you want to do is fall at the last hurdle.

Unfortunately, even the most competent and confident candidates can suffer from a bout of the dreaded nerves. This often turns them into flustering, gibbering wrecks, terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing.

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Recruitment Agency

Everything you need to know about using a recruitment agency

Finding and securing the right job can be difficult. In addition to the stiff competition that accompanies most positions, you will also need to go through a rigorous recruitment process ensuring that you meet the employer’s exacting standards.

If you are new to the recruitment process, or haven’t been through it for a while, then you may find the entire process quite daunting. This is why many job hunters choose to search and apply for jobs through a professional recruitment agency.

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Interview Strategy

Interview Strategy for Success

Get ahead of the field with Strategy Education – committed to supporting your search for that first teaching role.

This guide, which has been written by our Education Advisor who was a Secondary Head Teacher for 18 years, is intended to provide you with the advice and guidance needed to secure your first teaching post. We hope you will find it useful and would welcome any feedback on its content, design and layout.

Best wishes from all at Strategy Education

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