New Job in Teaching

How to Secure a New Job in Teaching

There are plenty of good reasons to look for a new job as a teacher. You might want to progress to a more challenging position, find a more specialised role or travel to a new location.

Whatever the reason for your search, here are some excellent ideas for making your job hunt more successful.

Professional Growth

Staying in one school helps you to feel confident, and familiarity can provide comfort and security. However, exploring other options is a good idea if you want to develop your career.

The most successful way to ensure you do not stagnate is to look for jobs that provide a challenge. Exciting opportunities may seem daunting, but they also allow you to learn new skills and make new connections.

Conquer your Fears

Change is unnerving for everyone but especially for teachers. It is the kind of job where you need to hit the ground running, and that can feel tricky when you can’t even find the photocopier.

Getting used to a new environment is always challenging, especially as every school will have its own culture to adopt. Fortunately, it can build your confidence if you embrace the change, and you may find it incredibly rewarding to step out of your comfort zone.

Career paralysis is a phenomenon that affects many teachers who stay too long in one role. You can make the transition easier by arranging visits to a new school and spending time with different people.

New management, colleagues and students can help you rediscover your love of teaching and introduce you to innovative philosophies.

Know your Worth

It is far too easy to avoid applying for new roles because you don’t think you are capable. Imposter syndrome is a common phenomenon, especially where promotion is involved.

Prepare yourself for taking on extra responsibilities by listing your skills and experience. Include all the talents you have discovered as you tackled your current job.

Why don’t you compare your list to the skill requirements in job listings? You may be surprised to find you have lots of experience in these areas. If you lack any competencies, it is good to undertake some study or training that can help you develop in that area.

This process should help you build your self-confidence and feel ready to move forward in your career.

Plan Ahead

It’s sensible to get yourself in a good place before applying for a new job. Putting in some time and effort will ensure that you are ready to give yourself the best chance of securing the perfect role.

  • Research – Think about the different directions you want to consider. You may wish to undertake more responsibility or widen your role in a particular area.
  • You may not know about the different types of positions available, so reaching out to agencies and peers may allow you to discover something you had not previously considered.
  • Update your CV – Don’t forget to include all your skills and work experience. You will have unique abilities that could make you a preferred candidate.
  • Refresh your Skills – You might want to take a course, study for a qualification or do some reading to ensure your knowledge is up-to-date. It is always worth paying attention to upskilling yourself when facing competition.

You can take advantage of your local authority courses or look online for other training opportunities.

Seek Help

Looking for a new teaching job can be daunting, so why not get some assistance. Strategy Education is ready and waiting to offer advice and take the stress out of your search.

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