A Path to Enhanced Learning and Reduced Anxiety

Online Retrieval Practice Quizzes: A Path to Enhanced Learning and Reduced Anxiety

In the dynamic landscape of education, where the pursuit of effective teaching methods is relentless, one question stands out: Can online retrieval practice quizzes truly benefit students?

As educators navigate the complexities of student mental health, pedagogy, and memory processes, understanding the nuanced interplay between learning and anxiety becomes increasingly crucial.

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Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support in Schools

8 Ways Teachers Can Support Students Holistically to Have a Voice

In education, nurturing students’ mental well-being alongside academic success is crucial. Teachers play a pivotal role in fostering holistic development in children and adolescents.

The government has recognised the importance of supporting students in school who are struggling with mental health challenges and is funding mental health leads for schools. It has also published eight key principles to support schools in improving how they help pupil well-being.

Here, we delve into the crucial role of mental health support in schools and explore methodologies to empower children to articulate their concerns about well-being.

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Enhancing Literacy

Enhancing Literacy: 8 Interventions for Effective Learning

Literacy is the cornerstone of education in a world driven by communication and information. A fundamental objective is ensuring that every individual has the necessary skills to read, spell, and comprehend. However, achieving proficiency in literacy can be challenging for some learners.

Fortunately, a variety of interventions exist to support literacy learning, catering to diverse needs and learning styles. This blog post will explore some effective interventions to bolster literacy skills.

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Can tutoring improve pupil performance?

Since the pandemic, there has been an increase in pupil absence and a growing number of issues, such as mental health problems, poor confidence and social factors that are negatively affecting pupil performance.

The government has set up the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) to tackle these issues and improve achievement.

Using experiences from Nottingham Emmanuel School, let’s find out how successful the scheme has been.

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Make School Trips Easy

How many of you teachers have had the dreaded moment where you end up being responsible for planning a school trip?

School trips may be enriching and exciting, but the workload is enormous and can be very stressful. You should, of course, take it as a compliment that you can be trusted to take such a big responsibility, so in this guide, we will share some insights that will help you cope.

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Technology Careers

How Teachers Can Make Technology Careers Appealing

One of the hardest things about exciting students about technology careers is that it is such a fast-changing sector.

Tech is evolving at a rapid pace, so it is challenging to predict what future careers will look like.

It’s apparent that the best approach is to educate students about topics such as AI and its impact on their potential careers.

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Top 6 Tips For Student Presentations

Top 6 Tips For Student Presentations

Whether you are a student teacher, an undergraduate or a secondary student, presentations can be intimidating and panic-inducing.

First, you should know that everyone experiences nerves when giving a presentation, and it is pretty usual for inexperienced students to suffer more from anxiety.

Our top tips for student presentations will give you some ideas to ensure you are prepared and ready to deliver your best performance.

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Child's School Results

How Parents Can Improve Their Child’s School Results

Children in the UK are graded from the time they sit their SATs at the end of Key Stage 2. From then on, they face assessments throughout Key Stage 3, followed by GCSEs and  A Levels.

Whether a child faces mock exams, the real thing, or even ongoing tests in class, it can be stressful for them and their parents. All anyone can ask is for them to do their best and achieve their full potential.

Can parents help their children do better and improve their results? Let’s look at ways parents can work with their children and schools to improve their outcomes.

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AI in the Classroom

Reviewing the use of AI in the Classroom

In this article, we will examine whether artificial intelligence has made a difference in education.

By reviewing the use of AI in the classroom, we hope to define whether it is still seen as a threat or an enhancement to teachers and teaching.

Of course, everyone has different opinions, but there is growing evidence of a pathway forward for using AI effectively. Indeed, as more schools embrace and experiment with the idea, we are constantly learning better ways to utilise this new technology.

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Internet Security

Teaching Children about Internet Safety and Cybersecurity

Children are younger than ever when exposed to the internet via various devices, including mobile phones, tablets, computers and gaming consoles. As they play, watch media or interact with others online, they are vulnerable to cyberbullying, grooming, hacking, identity theft and phishing.

Internet safety and cybersecurity are vital parts of technology education, and parents and teachers should share the burden to ensure youngsters can navigate the digital world safely.

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