Teacher Stress

Teachers in England Suffering from Stress

There is a growing view that teachers in England are more stressed than other teachers worldwide. This view is backed up by some recent research and appears to be due to several factors.

Indeed, teachers who leave cite work-life balance and pressure as critical factors in their decision to leave the profession.

Let’s look at what the research has found to be the crucial issues that negatively affect our teachers and cause them stress.

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Support Children's Mental Health

How Can Schools Provide Physical Learning to Support Children’s Mental Health?

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, all of us have been forced to somehow juggle work and life in lockdown alongside our mental and physical health. But one thing’s for certain; regular exercise is of the utmost importance, especially for young people.

The research supports this. Schools that enable children to participate in physical activity have a track record of providing opportunities for students to find their niche and develop skills beyond the classroom.

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