red ink to blue ink for marking

Should you switch from red ink to blue ink for marking?

A few years ago, a US study suggested that teachers should stop using red pens because the colour is associated with ‘warning, prohibition, caution, anger, embarrassment and being wrong’.

The research revealed that students think they’ve been assessed more harshly when their work is covered in red ink compared to other colours. It could even have a negative impact on teacher-student relationships and learning outcomes.

News of the report was met with ridicule by many, including Tory MP Bob Blackman who said: “It sounds to me like some petty edict which is nonsense. It is absolutely political correctness gone wild.”

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How Much Homework Is Too Much?

If you’re a parent, you probably have an opinion when it comes to your child’s homework. Do you feel that they have too much work to do or has the amount of work children bring home decreased over the course of time? How much homework is too much, and is there ever a way of answering this question that satisfies every parent and educator?

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homework for teachers

Tips on setting homework for children

There aren’t many children that like doing homework, but it remains an integral part and effective way of learning. Students also stand to gain invaluable time management skills, especially when homework involves multiple deadlines and subjects.

Homework is extremely beneficial for teachers too. After all, it provides a unique insight into how students are performing, their understanding of a topic, and attitudes towards education.

But how can you guarantee that all of these advantages come to fruition? Here are some tips on setting homework for children.

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