The Number One Platform You Should Be Using

With each passing year and greater breakthroughs in technology, schools and colleges explore different ways to make life easier for teachers and students. While some educators have already moved on to using artificial intelligence, not all are up for it. Of the several reasons, two stand out as most common—shortage of technical infrastructure and lack of proper understanding.

In this article, we will discuss how technology can better the lives of teachers and students.

What Platform Are We Talking About?

Many artificial intelligence (AI) platforms aid teachers in analysing their students better. Chatbots, navigators, AI tutors, automated grading are just some examples of how technology has been employed to help support educators and close the education gap.

Of the platforms available today, CENTURY has surpassed them all.


CENTURY is an AI-driven platform built to reduce teachers’ workload and improve students’ learning efficiency. Its founder, Priya Lakhani, believes that although AI was successfully applied in most fields, the education field missed out. Of course, the challenges were different. And this is where CENTURY fits in.

What Does CENTURY Do?

CENTURY is the combined efforts of teachers, neuroscientists, and technologists. It makes use of cognitive neuroscience and analyses how every child learns. The platform then creates a personalised learning curve, and as students learn, it recognises each one’s strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, it provides them with valuable insights every step of the way.

CENTURY incorporates an interactive dashboard for teachers and parents to keep track of their children’s progress. It also helps teachers understand what necessary interventions they must take to help their students learn better. Furthermore, it aids teachers by automating their tasks like planning and grading, which frees up about six hours per week. This helps the teachers focus more on understanding their students and on teaching.

What Does CENTURY Offer?

The overarching vision is to provide students and teachers with intelligent tools to maximise learning potential and outcomes.

The CENTURY Tech team has built this platform using the latest available technology, backed with scientific research. It does not just help students learn to pass examinations. It engages them. It adds an element of accountability and independence.

One of the principles of this platform is interleaving, which allows students to study multiple subjects in unison instead of just one. This helps the brain interlink subject matter and facts and helps it convert them into long-term memory. The platform also encourages self-growth in students by providing personalised messages that instil determination to push forward.

It also teaches students how exactly the brain processes information and retains facts. This helps them recognise that learning is not an innate ability but can be improved with perseverance and smart learning.

What Makes CENTURY Different?

Most tech-driven teams zero in on one solution and push it forward. The team at CENTURY recognises that a problem should be approached from multiple angles. As such, the platform isn’t just for students. To reverse underachievement rates, the platform has a two-pronged approach. It has something for teachers too. It reduces workload, automates tasks, provides insights and data that are actionable, offers support for planned interventions, and so much more, making it the ideal platform for schools.

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