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6 Books for Your Teacher Bookshelf 2019

Now that the summer holidays have started, you’re probably relishing the opportunity to put anything school related to the back of your mind. But in addition to some much needed rest and relaxation, you should also consider reading up on a few education topics that interest you.

That way, when the start of term rolls around again, you’ll be full of fresh ideas and impetus, ready to impress yet another year of school children.

Here’s a selection of titles for your teacher bookshelf this summer.

  1. Stop Talking, Start Influencing by Jared Cooney Horvath.

This book aims to show readers how to impart their knowledge to others in a manner that sticks with and truly influences them – regardless of the situation or circumstance. It draws upon the author’s 15 years of experience conducting brain research at prominent universities, teaching students from 10 to 80 years of age, and working closely with organisations and schools across four continents.

  1. Dual Coding With Teachers by Oliver Caviglioli

Designed with both cognitive science and graphic principles in mind, this book looks at how dual coding can help teachers optimise a framework for thinking and working at school. It has been designed to cater for both the busy teacher in a rush, as well as the research-hungry colleague, and features over 35 double-page spread features on how to implement dual coding.

  1. Why The Brain Matters by Jon Tibke

Can listening to Mozart improve long-term brain function? Can neuroscience help with reading, or student motivation? Jon Tibke tries to provide answers to these questions by fact-checking ‘neuromyths’ to discover what scientific research is truly relevant for the classroom. Not only will it challenge you to think critically about the brain, it also comes complete with several thought-provoking practical tasks.

  1. The Best For My Child by Fiona Millar

A great read for all leaders, this book unpicks the way schools have evolved and how they now work within the UK’s education system, especially over the past 10-20 years. Journalist Fiona Millar draws upon the experience of when her own children’s school was one of the first to be named and shamed by Ofsted.

  1. Principled Resistance by Doris A. Santoro and Lizabeth Cain

This book “brings together senior scholars and activist teachers to explore the concept of resistance as a necessary response to mandates that conflict with their understanding of quality teaching.” If you are preparing prospective teachers to navigate the contentious terrain of education politics or simply interested in leading change, Principled Resistance should definitely be one of your summer reads.

  1. 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Questioning by Peter Worley

Despite the fact that questioning is key to effective teaching and learning, practical strategies that are immediately usable in the classroom can be hard to come by. Peter Worley offers up 100 ideas in his latest book, which includes games and activities that not only help teachers improve their own questioning in the classroom, but also allows pupils to develop an understanding of how to ask effective questions to develop their learning.

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