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15 websites that every teacher and educator should know about

Professional development is at the heart of teacher practice. But in addition to learning on the job and formal training courses, you can increase your confidence and competence as a teacher by accessing the abundance of resources available online today, starting with the following:

  1. The Guardian Teacher Network

Featuring a wide variety of content, resources and master classes. Along with career development, subject matters also include work-life balance and job hunting.

  1. SchoolsWeek

SchoolsWeek is a relatively young newspaper but has quickly become an indispensable resource. Stay ahead on school news, read about government education initiatives and discover the best in investigative journalism.

  1. Tes

Although most teachers don’t look further than the news section on Tes, it also features several resources, an extensive job board and a community of like-minded educators.

  1. The Chartered College of Teaching

An excellent resource for teachers wanting to develop the evidence-informed expertise necessary to achieve and maintain excellence. The membership fee is worth every penny.

  1. The Education Endowment Foundation

The teaching and learning toolkit from the Education Endowment Foundation offers a wide range of research projects with details about the costs, evidence strength, and the impact on pupils. It has a £125m founding grant from the Department for Education.

  1. Research at the Department for Education

It makes perfect sense to have this government resource saved as a bookmark. Here you can find DfE research publications and invitations to tender for new research projects, all of which are published regularly.

  1. Google Scholar

A fantastic tool when performing research. Google Scholar is especially powerful once you know how to conduct advanced searches, which will narrow down your results to the most relevant.

  1. Education Support Partnership

The Education Support Partnership is a charity that aims to alleviate the pressures of teaching. Services include 24/7 support and counselling as well as staff engagement and well-being.

  1. YoungMinds

A leading charity that fights for children and young people’s mental health. It provides support for schools to help improve the emotional wellbeing of teachers.

  1. Cambridge University Press

Home to academic journals, eBooks, teacher resources, evaluation materials, educational publications and everything in-between.

  1. FFT Education Datalab

This non-for-profit organisation comprises a group of expert analysts who produce independent, cutting-edge research on education policy and practice. Its data insights often inform national policy.

  1. UKEdChat

First established on Twitter, UKEdChat now publishes a magazine, jobs service, training resources and much more.

  1. The British Educational Leadership and Educational Research Society (BELMAS)

A forum for those interested in research and school leadership. BELMAS members are a mixture of practitioners in schools, colleges and universities and working academics, encouraging a unique perspective which brings together the theoretical and the practical.

  1. Bloomsbury Publishing

“Whether you’re looking for great classroom resources, amazing poetry, fiction and non-fiction for your library or inspirational professional development ideas we have the books for you,” claims the Bloomsbury Publishing website.

  1. Audible

From best-selling audiobooks to exclusive podcasts, Audible is the number one place for listening to education entertainment on the go.

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