monitoring to developing in 8 steps

How to go from monitoring to developing in 8 steps

Weighing and measuring instead of growing and feeding is all well and good. But in several schools up and down the country, we are still seeing monitoring and evaluation schedules alongside quality assurance timetables.

The problem with this is that it focuses on judgement when we should be giving precedence to improving the quality of teaching and learning in school. Thankfully, there are ways in which you can switch your mindset and deliver truly great teaching.

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Are you motivated?

10 simple teaching methods to motivate students

Even at the best of times, motivation can be an all too common problem for some students. In fact, most teachers would be lying if they said that every morning is met with equal levels of excitement and enthusiasm.

But inspiring your students to focus their efforts on the learning task at hand doesn’t always have to feel like an uphill struggle.

So, the next time a lack of motivation threatens to bring your classroom to a grinding halt, here are 10 simple teaching methods that could push and propel students onto great things. In turn, your job will undoubtedly become a lot easier too.

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