Preparing Your Students

Preparing Your Students For Successful Futures

As a teacher, your day-to-day responsibilities include more than just ticking off items on the curriculum. Along with giving your students the tools and techniques to learn effectively, you’ll also be dictating their behaviour, shaping their minds, and influencing future decisions.

In fact, school children who receive words of encouragement from a teacher are significantly more likely to continue their education beyond the age of 16 than those who do not according to a study by the University of Cambridge.

“Teachers are often relegated to course deliverers and classroom managers in the policy discussions around further education,” said study author Dr Ben Alcott from Cambridge’s Faculty of Education. “However, it’s clear that teachers have more forms of influencing inequality than is currently appreciated.”

But what if you look beyond further education? Are teachers having an impact on the long-term futures of students? And how can you ensure they’re prepared and ready to succeed?

What You Need to Know About the Young Enterprise Company Programme

The Young Enterprise Company Programme is an initiative that encourages students to set-up and run a real organisation for a year under the guidance of a business volunteer. From choosing the company name to managing the finances, students are given all of the power, experiencing the joys and pitfalls of creating a functional enterprise.

Not only does the Young Enterprise Company Programme give students an unparalleled insight into the world of business, it also helps them develop essential career and life skills that can be transferred to all walks of life.

For example, they are given the chance to build-on and improve their digital skills during modules about e-commerce. Students will also sell to the public at Young Enterprise trade fairs, striking the perfect balance between doing business both online and offline.

There’s even the opportunity to take part in local competitions as well as regional and national contests. Students can vie for the crown of UK Company of the Year and go onto the European Company Programme Final.

Thanks to the Young Enterprise Company Programme, students will learn all about teamwork, resilience, problem solving and confidence, helping them to consider more career paths with the ambition to pursue them.

Additional Benefits of the Young Enterprise Company Programme

93 per cent of teachers agreed that the Young Enterprise Company programme increased student self-awareness in their own capabilities, while 82 per cent of students felt it gave them the confidence to succeed in the future.

What’s more, it offers support to schools and colleges to deliver career strategies against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

  • It contributes to Estyn inspection judgements (Wales) on outcomes and provision including learning experiences.
  • It provides applied opportunities to support a wide range of business studies and applied business qualifications.
  • Participation can be used to fulfil the skills element of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.
  • Young Enterprise also offers Team Programmes for SEND students with mild to moderate learning difficulties.

To find out more or to complete a partial registration, visit the Young Enterprise website.

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