School holidays

How to prepare for the end of the school year

At this time of year, most teachers daydream about a cocktail at the beach while wading through endless tasks with exhaustion and maybe a hint of hysteria.

It is easy to become overwhelmed as the end of the summer term approaches, and it can help if you draw up a list of things that will make your time go smoothly. Some tasks may even save you time next year.

Here is a handy guide for teachers to ensure you are fully prepared for the end of the school year and ready to relax over the summer.

Back Up Your planning

If you have saved your files to your classroom computer, it is a good idea to ensure you have backed them up to the cloud or a USB stick, depending on the GDPR rules at your setting.

Over the summer, eager IT departments may carry out a cleanse to reduce the storage and could delete your valuable work. Back it up now so you can use relevant files again next year and get organised so you can find them easily by creating named folders.

If your school has a team drive, you can create shared documents to share information with relevant teachers.

Stay One Step Ahead With Displays

The end of the summer term is when your beautiful displays are dismantled. Before you get going, it is worth taking a photo.

Not only will this save time communicating your ideas to TAs next year, but it will help you to create a filing system for the lettering and signs that can be used again.

Declutter and Clean

Channelling Mrs Hinch will be essential if you are moving classroom, but even if you are staying, it is an excellent opportunity to have a clear out and spruce up the room.

If you are moving, communicate with your colleagues to find out what they need. Some may want a blank canvas, while others will wish to utilise some of your existing set-ups.

If staying, you can label trays and drawers ahead of the new year to give yourself a head start.

Organise Sending Work Home

You will be surprised how much work needs to be sent home with children at the end of the year. In the old days, it was easy to have a stock of carrier bags, but now you will need to ask for bags for life.

Ask children to bring some in early on, but it is worth collecting some spares for those who forget.

You can label the bags and begin sorting work and books into them as you dismantle displays. Encourage the children to help with this process.

You can sort out lost property and pop items in the bags at the same time.

Plan Ahead

Now, this is a difficult one. Your head will be full of everything that needs to be completed to finish the year, but if you can find a moment to consider the Autumn term, you will enjoy the holidays more.

While all your resources are to hand, make a broad plan for your first few weeks in September and gather the resources together in a file.

Hopefully, this will mean you can switch off and prevent additional worry at the end of the holidays.

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