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How Teachers Can Make Technology Careers Appealing

One of the hardest things about exciting students about technology careers is that it is such a fast-changing sector.

Tech is evolving at a rapid pace, so it is challenging to predict what future careers will look like.

It’s apparent that the best approach is to educate students about topics such as AI and its impact on their potential careers.

5 Top Tips for Making Technology Careers Appealing to Students

1.      Educate about career options.

From Key Stage 2 onwards, it’s a good idea to include time to explore the types of roles available in technology. It will provide an opportunity to address preconceived stereotypes early to avoid any gender barriers and bias.

The aim should be to spark curiosity and generate interest in the tech sector. Include diverse options such as sports, travel and sustainability to highlight the wide range of ways that tech is utilised.

Tech She Can is an excellent example of a platform that can assist with career weeks or live learning about technology. Suitable for boys and girls, it emphasises engaging girls in tech-related industries.

Include discussions about the different pathways available to technology careers.

2.      Make Lessons Relevant

Often, tech and other STEM subjects can be engaging, but try taking it further by allowing students to discover how their learning is relevant in industry. Showing real-world applications is vital to inspiring young people to see the potential of various technologies.

Providing scenarios for students to solve that involve a wide variety of sectors is a perfect way of demonstrating the relevance of learning and showing how technology can be used.

3.      Use AI in the Classroom

We all know by now that AI is here to stay. Still in its infancy, it will likely take over in most workplaces, from operating theatres to construction.

Getting pupils used to AI and its advantages and disadvantages is an excellent opportunity to develop their skills and open their eyes to the benefits.

Students today are the AI users and developers of tomorrow. Your classroom makes the perfect springboard.

4.      Start Young

It’s never too early to excite pupils about technology; that spark can ignite a lifelong love of tech.

Do not be afraid to use interactive technology to excite children in the early years. Under fives love to experience early programming skills in programmable toys where they get an instant reaction and can learn as they go.

It is worth ensuring that your setting includes a budget for new technology so that your classroom environment keeps pace with changes.

5.      Upskill Yourself

Being a technology role model is essential if teachers want to encourage their students to consider it as a career.

Getting stuck with what you know is easy, but this will lead to you falling behind. Keep up-to-date with modern technology and AI. Learn how it works and find ways to include it in your lessons.

To be enthusiastic, teachers must be confident. Ask your head of department to source training for you and your colleagues so you can develop your skills and present a positive outlook to your classes.

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