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Can AI make report writing easier for teachers?

The summer term may bring teachers one step nearer to the summer break, but first, there is the onerous task of completing report writing.

Every school will have a different format for their reports, but whatever the system used, it is often a long-winded chore. Indeed, many teachers spend their evenings and weekends preparing detailed reports that accurately show each pupil’s progress over the year.

With the rapid development of AI, you may be wondering if it could provide a solution for teachers by making report writing more straightforward and faster.

In this article, we have explored the potential benefits for teachers of using AI in report writing.

Are school reports necessary?

School reports remain a core way of communicating about a child’s progress through the year to their family. Parents often lead busy lives and may miss parents’ evenings during the year, making a final report vital if they are to be fully informed of how their child is doing at school.

The insights gained from a well-written individualised report will guide parents in the kind of support a child may need the following year. It also gives them a chance to celebrate their child’s successes.

Keeping Report Writing Personal

It would be lovely if teachers could just click on a button and have AI generate their reports automatically, but the truth is that no one knows the students as well as their teacher.

Teachers must have input into the report writing so that pupils and their families can learn about their individual achievements, progress and areas for development.

Generic reports are not worth the paper they are written on. Parents are unlikely to engage with a report that does not feel personal.

AI can help make the process easier and faster so that teacher workload is reduced without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the reports.

Streamlining the Process

Remember the days when school reports were completely handwritten? By the end, your handwriting would be a scrawl, and your arm would ache.

It was a giant leap when reports could be produced on laptops with some ability to copy and paste. Now AI is about to change the process once again.

AI is beneficial for report writing when producing content based on a teacher’s input. Imagine inputting information about a pupil in bullet form, making the typing far shorter.

AI can then convert the bullet points into articulate prose that sounds personal and is easy to understand.

Each report will be individual and based on the teacher’s assessments, but it will take less time to produce.

What are the benefits of AI for teachers when writing reports?

AI is exceptionally accurate at producing grammatically correct content without spelling mistakes. Advanced algorithms adapt language to ensure suitability for the purpose.

It allows teachers to focus on the points they wish to make rather than the writing process. It also reduces the chances of typos and allows appropriate content to be reused.

AI could allow reports to remain meaningful whilst reducing the amount of input a teacher needs to do. Reducing teacher workload is key to increasing teacher well-being and limiting stress.

Where can I find AI report writing platforms?

AI is still in its infancy, but you can expect its use to snowball. Very little research has been carried out about its effects on education, but as more investigation is completed, schools are more likely to feel confident in trying it out.

There are a growing number of AI writing platforms available. One that is specifically designed for school report writing is which you can try out for free.

Even if it is too late for your school this year, school leaders would be well advised to research AI before next year’s reports are due.

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