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Top 8 interview tips

In the hunt for a new job, creating your CV and applying for vacant positions is the easy part. The real challenge comes when you are invited to attend a formal job interview, as this can turn even the most confident of candidates into nervous wrecks.

However, seeing as this is going to be your best chance to sell yourself and stand out from the competition, it is essential that you make the most of the opportunity.

To help you make a great first impression at this vital stage and secure your dream role, we have put together some top tips that you should definitely consider for your next job interview.

  • Research the job role and employer

There is a good chance that you will be asked what you know about the school or college that you are applying to work for. Make sure that you know as much as possible about them to ensure that you can answer related questions. This will show them that you are genuinely interested in being a part of their team.

  • Dress appropriately

Although the expertise and skills that you have are vital for securing a job role, those first impressions also count. Make sure that you are presentable and that your attire is appropriate for the interview. This conveys your level of professionalism and can help you progress to the next stage in the job application process.

  • Arrive on time

Punctuality is key when attending a job interview. If you are late for your job interview, then any potential employer will assume this is going to happen during your employment. Always allow yourself extra time to get there, taking into account possible delays or issues.

Not only does arriving early give a great impression, but that additional time will allow you to calm your nerves and be fully prepared for your interview.

  • Have questions prepared

It is commonplace for an interviewer to invite the candidate to ask questions. Not asking questions will show disinterest in the role, so make sure that you have some in mind. This ensures that you have all the information that you need, while also showing them that you are interested in what they do.

  • Demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm

A confident manner is a great way to make an impression, but be careful that you do not appear arrogant. Be sure to maintain eye contact and and speak clearly when answering questions, and use plenty of positive body language.

  • Listen carefully to what is said

It is important to listen to every question and comment during your interview. Not only will this ensure that you have all the relevant information that you need, but it also reflects positively on your communication skills. If you are unclear on anything then it is important that you ask for further clarification.

  • Answer any questions

If you are asked a question, then it is important that you answer it. If you are unsure of the answer be sure to ask for clarification. Answer concisely and stay on topic.

  • Reinforce your interest in the role

At end of the interview, ask what the next step is and when a decision about the job will likely be made. Tell them that you can’t wait to hear from them and that you hope the news will be positive. This reinforces your interest in the role and ensures that they know you are keen.

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