Top 7 tips on how to survive your first week as a temp

How to Survive Your First Week as a Temp

Whether you have just left university or are in the process of switching careers, temporary work through an agency is a great option. It allows you to gain experience and knowledge as well as providing you with the opportunity to earn money.

Whilst there are a number of benefits to working as a temp, the idea of taking on a temporary role can be daunting. So, to help you we have put together our top tips for surviving your first week as a temporary employee.

  • Understand what is expected of you in advance

Before you accept any temp assignment you should ask for as much information as possible about the role and fully understand what is expected of you. This can include daily responsibilities, where the school is located, the days and times you need to be there, and the length of the contract and pay rate.

  • Be prepared for every eventuality

Make sure that you mentally prepare for every eventuality and be prepared to be flexible in your approach. Although your recruitment agency will do its best to explain what the job entails, you never know for sure until you get there.

  • Arrive early every day

Punctuality is extremely important with every job, but temporary workers should make an extra effort in getting there on time, as this improves the chances that you will be asked to work with the employer again.

  • Dress appropriately

First impressions are vitally important, so make sure that you dress appropriately.  If you are not sure on the dress code, make sure you find out in advance.

  • Communicate with your co-workers

Communicate and interact with your new co-workers. Remember to smile, make eye contact, be courteous, and participate in activities when invited, and you will soon feel like you are part of the team.

  • Communicate with your employer.

Be sure to discuss your progress with your employer. They will be able to provide instant feedback to ensure that you are meeting their standards of employment. This will also create a great impression as they will see you as a proactive employee that cares about the job.

  • Follow up with your recruitment agency

Once the temporary period has come to an end, make sure you get in touch with your recruitment agency to discuss any feedback that may have been provided by the employer. Constructive criticism and positive feedback will help you improve for future jobs.

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