Quizzes in the Classroom

Guide to Using Quizzes in the Classroom

Lesson planning involves many aspects of teaching and learning. One of the vital components is ensuring that pupils have an opportunity to practice retrieval to help them consolidate new information.

You may well use more formal tests at the end of units, but there should also be opportunities for pupils to demonstrate and rehearse their learning more frequently.

In this guide, we will explore some ideas to help you use quizzes more effectively in the classroom.

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Curriculum Planning

How to Make Curriculum Planning Easier

Maybe you are one of the teachers who love curriculum planning, or perhaps you find it daunting.

Whatever your feelings, we can all agree that it can be a time-consuming and often confusing process.

The best way to make curriculum planning creative and fun is to reduce the impact on workload so you do not lose evenings and weekends to the task.

Here are some of our best ideas for making curriculum planning easier.

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report writing for teachers

Can AI make report writing easier for teachers?

The summer term may bring teachers one step nearer to the summer break, but first, there is the onerous task of completing report writing.

Every school will have a different format for their reports, but whatever the system used, it is often a long-winded chore. Indeed, many teachers spend their evenings and weekends preparing detailed reports that accurately show each pupil’s progress over the year.

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Using ChatGPT in Schools

There will be very few teachers who have not heard of ChatGPT. This new release of artificial intelligence (AI) uses text-based language to generate human-type responses.

The main issue for school leaders and teachers is that using ChatGPT in schools raises some ethical questions.

In this article, we will examine some of the primary concerns and advantages of using ChatGPT in schools.

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Teacher Interviews

Guide to Succeeding in Teacher Interviews

If you are a teacher looking for a new position, you will know that the interview stage is vital. Although most schools will want to observe your teaching, the interview is your chance to share your story and demonstrate your experience, skills and passion for education.

To help you stand out, we have put together a handy guide for performing well at teacher interviews.

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Beacon Hill Rovers Under 11s: Champions of the League Cup Final!

As sponsors of Beacon Hill Rovers under 11s football team, Strategy Education are proud to announce that on 14th of May at Burnham Rovers football stadium the team represented their club in the league cup final. 

The team took a nail-biting game to a well-deserved victory. The 12 strong squad took on Maldon Saints and the team worked tirelessly to clinch a 1-0 victory.

Their manager, Jake Gooderidge, couldn’t be prouder and the players were supported on the day by family and friends. A fantastic day and a magnificent victory after a tough season. 


Guide to Understanding Memory – for Teachers

Understanding how their students’ memories work is a fascinating learning area for many teachers. Improving your knowledge of how memory works is always beneficial as it will positively impact teaching strategies.

Getting to the bottom of cognitive science can be difficult, but here are some publications that are enjoyable to read and informative.

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Should teachers learn more about neuroscience?

The connection between neuroscience and education is undeniable, yet there has been very little progress towards applying neuroscience directly in the classroom.

The main barrier to incorporating neuroscience is that there has been very little development in applying it to pedagogy and classroom support.

Many experts now think that neuroeducation should focus on helping teachers to learn more about brain development and functions.

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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning – Developing a Whole School Plan

One of the most eye-opening experiences of working with thousands of teachers is the nuance between classrooms within one school.

Coherence, not compliance

On my travels, it is clear that our English schools face unique challenges compared to other jurisdictions.

To avoid unnecessary attrition, it is essential that coherence is communicated rather than compliance.

However, this is not easy to achieve in some schools.

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How to Improve Pupil Communication

Education should always include time to improve pupil communication as it is a vital life skill. Academic achievements alone are not enough for future success.

Teachers already understand that effective communication is essential and are well-positioned to help develop these skills in pupils. In this guide, we will share some ideas that can help improve pupil communication in your school.

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