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How to find the right school, the right job, and secure an interview

Ever get the feeling that the grass is greener at another school? It’s a thought that will have gone through the mind of almost every teacher. However, not everyone acts on this impulse.

But if you are serious about leaving your current position in search of something better, it helps to have a clear idea of what you want, especially in terms of culture and career prospects.

That way, you will stand a much better chance of finding the right school with the perfect role and getting the interview.

Defining your career goals

First of all, carefully consider the direction you want your career to go in. From jobs with training and development opportunities to schools that specialise in your subject, there are a number of options to pursue.

Next, think about the things you have liked and haven’t liked about your current and previous schools. Do your research to see whether any potential employers would share the same ideals as you.

As per any other job, you will also need to bear in mind other factors such as travel time, working hours, salary, and benefits. With any luck, you should be able to identify a few schools that meet your criteria.

But that doesn’t mean to say the perfect role will fall into your lap, as teaching roles aren’t always advertised on school websites or in the public domain. On top of that, there could be better opportunities elsewhere…

Resources to find jobs and secure interviews

One of your first ports of call is bound to be TES, which at any one time has thousands of teaching, lecturing, and education jobs.

Unfortunately, advertisements are often unrepresentative of the school and the job, making it difficult to get an accurate understanding of daily duties and the working environment. You could research Ofsted reports for further enlightenment, but they won’t tell you whether the school or job is a good fit.

Then you’ve got to go through the process of tailoring your statement and application to each individual job. This lengthy ordeal could mean less time applying for other, potentially more fitting positions.

Working alongside an education recruitment agency

By teaming up with a recruitment agency that specialises in education, you stand to gain a distinct competitive advantage in the job market. Along with help in identifying schools and securing interviews, a recruitment agency can also save you time when it comes to applying.

What’s more, the experience and expertise of recruitment consultants can improve your personal statement, improve your CV, and offer advice regarding interviews.

Here at Strategy Education, we offer tailored support to new and established teachers wanting to progress their careers. With a loyal client base across primary, secondary, special needs, and further education, we’re able to tell candidates about suitable jobs as soon as they become available.

For more information about how we could find you the right school, the right role, and get you an interview, contact us today.

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