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6 Advantages of Hiring Through a Recruitment Agency

Education recruitment agencies are vital for schools and colleges to find their talent. Not only this, but they also provide advice and guidance for suitable applicants, nurturing them into true professionals.

Here are the 6 advantages of hiring through a recruitment agency.

They know the market

Recruitment agencies in particular have their eyes and ears firmly on specific industries. They will make it their business to keep on top of all the latest news and relevant information, passing this knowledge onto you.

In addition, they will have a great idea of where the best talent is available and how to contact them. Finally, they will be able to give you much-needed advice with regards to the salary and career expectations of the potential candidates.

They can help with a wider search

One of the biggest issues with in-house hiring teams is that they will often struggle to find the right talent, whereas a recruitment agency will have the resources to attract suitable candidates.

They will have an extensive network of contacts whom they can call on to provide possible leads, significantly increasing your chances of finding the perfect candidate.

They have access to candidates, not just applicants

Anyone who works for an in-house recruitment team will quickly realise that despite a number of applications to filter and assess, chances are that there will be more people to decline than people who are suitable for the current vacancy.

In comparison, recruitment agencies will often have an already populated database of candidates lined up. All pre-selected and already checked through, with the right expertise matched to your available role.

They can help you to network

A recruitment agency is not only great for selecting the right candidates for a role, but are also known to give you the opportunity to network.

Introducing you to other schools, colleges will give you the chance to increase benefits, development opportunities and of course, career moves too.

They can get you out of a talent drought

Facing a slight talent drought? If you are, then a recruitment agency can help. In fact, they can give you access to people that possess the ideal skills that you need.

They are cost-effective

Using a recruitment agency can be a cost effective and efficient way to hire compared to in-house recruiting, providing you’re getting the most from your agency.
So, here are the key reasons why you should hire through a recruitment agency:

Tangible Time Savers

    • A recruitment agency can save you days of ‘wasted’ time sifting through hard copy applications, so that you only have to make time to view those worth considering
    • They will schedule interviews
    • They will deal with all administrative issues such as: all communications with applicants, including notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information (e.g. qualifications and references)


    • Your recruiter will collate candidates’ queries so that you can deal with them all in one go
    • Their specialist market insight allows them to advise you on new candidates
    • They will manage the process smoothly – compared to in-house staff who may be inexperienced
    • Contract and temporary hire positions can be filled at short notice (as the recruitment agency will already have access to a vast pool of candidates)

As well as the value of the time saved by using a recruitment agent vs in-house hire, you will also save money.

Short term cost savers

    • Removes cost of posting job adverts
    • Removes impact on in-house staff who can continue to perform their other duties to their usual standard
    • Reduces the likelihood and cost of a ‘bad hire’ (e.g. poor performance, training, re-hire)

Long term cost savers

  • Reduces future hiring costs if you use the same recruitment agent again as the agent will already have knowledge of your organisation so the process will be quicker
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