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10 Tips For Being An Effective Form Tutor

You need to take on more responsibilities as a form tutor, but it’s an incredibly rewarding role. If you’re keen to develop your skills in this position, then here are some top tips:

Don’t be a typical teacher

Take on a more active role with the students in your form group, and interact with them differently to how you would with students you teach.

Set your students up for the school day

A big part of your role is taking your group of students at the start of every school day. If you want to be effective, you should ensure they’re all ready for what lies ahead and are prepared to tackle the day. This includes making sure they have all the right equipment, and that their uniform matches the school regulations.

Always be available

It’s imperative that you’re available whenever necessary. This means your tutor group should have access to you when they need you, and so should their parents. An excellent way to do this is by handing out your email address to parents, so they can contact you if they ever have any queries about their child.

Keep up communications with home

Following on from tip 3, you should maintain constant communication with your student’s parents/guardians. Make sure they get information such as newsletters or reports and be sure to provide updates on how their child is acting/behaving.

Don’t be too professional

Students should trust their form tutors and see them as someone to confide in. As such, don’t act too professional and uptight around your form group. Be a bit more laid back – be human!

Make your students socialise with one another

When students are placed in the same form group, it means they’ll see a lot of each other for many years. As such, it’s your job to make sure everyone gets along and knows one another. Encourage them to socialise during form periods so you create the feeling of a happy family.

Don’t just focus on school life

A great way you can take your form tutoring to a new level is by talking to students about the real world. Give them advice about things like preparing for job interviews or buying their first car. This helps them get more out of their time in school.

Let them know you’re on their side

Effective form tutors are always there for their students, no matter what. Always let them know that you’ve got their back and you’ll defend them if needed. Tell them you’ll help with any problems they have, and can talk to other members of staff if required.

Stay updated with your students

Always make the time to see what’s happening in the world of your students. Ask regular questions so you see where they are, and if there are any new struggles you can help them with.

Build a rapport and be a role model

Finally, the best form tutors are ones that have a good rapport with students. You can maybe engage in banter with them and have a laugh from time to time. But, most of all, you should present yourself as someone they look up to when they eventually leave school.


Take these tips to heart, and you’ll develop into an effective form tutor. Remember, always give equal time to every student, and make sure their needs are met at all times.

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