As Strategy Education are based in the heart of Essex, we have a vast amount of local knowledge. This helps us to make the most of the Essex education job market. We can quickly identify job vacancies in the area and match these career opportunities with the perfect candidates.

Not only do we use our knowledge of the industry, but we also utilise the extended network we have built up over our many years in business too. This means that we are able to offer a fantastic recruitment service for temporary education jobs.

Whether it is the West End of London or smaller towns such as Maldon, we have access to job openings in schools and colleges of further and higher education throughout these areas.

Are you thinking about applying for a temporary job but are not sure it is the right path to take?

Education Job Candidates

Both candidates and employers alike can benefit from our dedicated network of schools and colleges of further and higher education. By working together, we are able to provide a high-quality service and ensure that vacancies are filled quickly and with the ideal candidates.

We are dedicated and experienced Essex Recruitment Consultants and can help candidates get their career moving in the right direction. We help people throughout the entire recruitment process and ensure that they are matched with the perfect role for them.

If you are looking for a new job, need career advice or are a school searching for your next member of staff, we can assist. So, get in touch with us here at Strategy Education and discover how amazing it can be when you find the right candidate or role.


Benefits of a Temporary Job

A healthy work-life balance is something that we all aim to achieve. One of the best ways to do this is to work and live in the same area. This minimises your commute time and ensures that you get the most time possible to spend with friends, family or personal activities.

Another important factor for a number of people is flexibility within a role. This is especially true if they are currently thinking about future career opportunities, and want to make sure that they are following the right career path.

This is why many people turn to temporary jobs. Other benefits of applying for a temporary role include:

  • You can explore a number of different working environments
  • Helps to improve your communications skills
  • Boosts employee independence and flexibility
  • Gives you the chance to learn and develop your knowledge
  • Allows you to try out a new career path without being tied into a contract
  • Helps you to build confidence within a certain role
  • Gives you the opportunity to ensure the job is right for you