Becoming a teacher is a lifelong dream for many people. It is something that a child will aspire to become as an adult, and a career path that they will pursue later on in life.

For those who manage to fulfill this dream and take the steps within a teaching career, they will quickly find that it can be hugely rewarding.

If you ask a teacher, they will say that one of the biggest plus points of the job is that you can give children the knowledge that they need for the rest of their lives.

Another benefit to teaching is that you can also take your own skills and transfer them into different vacancies, schools, and of course different locations throughout the world . This allows you to grow as a person and establish your own career.

Here at Strategy Education we have a variety of teaching jobs available on our website, all of which can take you on your first or next steps within the educational sector.

What type of teaching jobs do you have?

If you are already working as a teacher, you will know that teaching jobs can vary in type. Here at Strategy Education we have a number of different teaching job types to offer within our comprehensive job database.

Are you an English teacher looking to make the leap into a new role? Or perhaps you are an expert in ICT who wants to help children learn more about how computing skills can transform their lives? No matter what type of teaching role you can see yourself in, we are here to help you find the right vacancy.


Are there any other educational jobs that I can find on the Strategy Education website?

We are proud to provide a vast number of teaching jobs on our website, and also feature a number of other roles too.

Learning Support Assistants, Head Teachers, SENCo workers or those who work within the foundation phases of the education system are all job roles available on our website. Our dedicated team are on hand to help educational workers find the right role for them.

What areas do you have roles for?

Whilst we are based in the beautiful area of Maldon, we do not limit ourselves to working within one particular area. We believe that by reaching out we can help more teachers and educational workers to be matched with the right roles for them.

So, no matter where you currently live, work or see yourself working in the near future, check out our website and see if we have the right role for you.