Are you a teacher looking for a new challenge in Croydon? If so, Strategy Education can help you access the best teaching jobs in Croydon and the surrounding area. With links to a broad spectrum of schools, colleges, and local universities, we can help you find your next job with minimal stress.

Strategy Education is a leading education recruitment agency. Over many years, we have established deep connections with organisations and lTT providers all over the UK, providing candidates with access to incredible opportunities and ensuring our clients find the best teachers for the jobs they have available.

If you’re searching for teaching jobs in Croydon and you’d like help with finding opportunities that match your skills and your career ambitions, why not get in touch with us today? Call us on 0345 521 9987 to find out how we could help you or fill in the online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Helping you find your next teaching job in Croydon

If you’re looking for a new teaching job in Croydon, we provide an extensive range of services to help you find your dream role. With us, you can benefit from:

  • Career advice, which is tailored to your level of experience, your area of interest and your career goals
  • Help with locating jobs and finding out about new opportunities and positions: we will contact you when a suitable role becomes available
  • Assistance with preparing and improving your CV: if your CV isn’t getting you anywhere, we can help you identify issues and create a CV that will impress employers every time
  • Expert interview tips: we run interview sessions, which help you to gain confidence, engage in role play and develop your interview skills

Helping clients find the best candidates in Croydon

If you’re searching for the best teachers in Croydon, we are here to help. We conduct interviews and undertake screening to pick out candidates that are guaranteed to excel. We help you find teachers based on your specific requirements and the attributes and qualities you are looking for. We cater for all briefs, including:

  • Full-time and permanent jobs
  • Temporary and part-time work
  • Supply teaching and cover
  • New job roles
  • Complex or specific needs at large and elite schools and colleges

Why you should choose Strategy Education

At Strategy Education, we are proud to have loyal clients from a broad spectrum of educational organisations. We have access to the best teaching jobs in Croydon and across the UK and go the extra mile to ensure positive outcomes for our clients and our candidates. If you choose to work with us, you can benefit from:

  • Accountability: we are accredited by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation
  • Flexibility: we can respond to client and candidate requests rapidly and we aim to provide a personalised service
  • Links and contacts: we are proud of the relationships we have within the education sector
  • Proven results: we have an excellent reputation and we produce incredible results

If you’re looking for a teaching job in Croydon, call Strategy Education today!