If you’re hunting for a new teaching job, Crawley is a fantastic location. Boasting a wide range of schools and colleges, Crawley offers an array of opportunities for teachers on the lookout for a new job. If you’re keen to find teaching jobs in Crawley, why not enrol with Strategy Education?

At Strategy Education, we have established links with leading ITT providers, and we work closely with a number of educational organisations in Crawley and beyond. We use our local knowledge, the latest database software and our experience and expertise to match our clients with the best candidates to fulfil recruitment and retention goals.

We are proud to be one of the UK’s finest education recruitment agencies, and we have a proven track record. We have many contacts in Crawley and the surrounding area, and we are incredibly well-placed to help you find your dream teaching job. If you’re eager to learn more, why not contact us by phone on 0345 521 9987 or fill in our online enquiry form?

We can help candidates find teaching jobs in Crawley

At Strategy Education, we provide a comprehensive range of services that are designed to connect candidates with the perfect roles. You can benefit from:

  • Tailored advice based on your personal career goals and ambitions: we will chat to you, gain an insight into how you want your career to pan out, and then set about helping you make your dreams a reality
  • Help with finding the right teaching jobs for you: we will contact you when suitable opportunities become available at local schools
  • CV tips: we can help you tailor your CV and ensure that it creates the right impression and showcases your skills
  • Interview guidance and practice: we offer interview sessions to help you prepare, improve your interview skills and increase your confidence levels

How we help our clients in Crawley

We aim to ensure our clients have access to candidates who match the brief perfectly. We undertake screening processes and preliminary interviews to select the best candidates for you. We cover a broad spectrum of recruitment briefs and can provide:

  • Part-time, full-time, temporary and permanent members of staff
  • Supply teachers and temporary, short-term cover
  • Assistance with new roles in new schools and colleges
  • Help with finding teachers for large organisations that have more complex or specific requirements
  • Recruiting staff for elite schools

The benefits of working with Strategy Education

Strategy Education is a reputable recruitment agency, which connects candidates with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties. We pride ourselves on finding qualified, experienced, highly-motivated teachers, providing our candidates with incredible opportunities and offering clients a reliable, flexible and effective service. The benefits of working with us include:

  • Accreditation from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation
  • Flexibility: we offer speedy results and a tailored service
  • Access to the best candidates and the best job roles thanks to our extensive contact network and excellent working relationships
  • Proven results: we consistently deliver excellent results for both our candidates and our clients

To find the best teaching jobs in Crawley, call us or contact us online now!