Searching for teaching jobs isn’t always easy. Brentwood has plenty of schools, but often a little help is needed to secure teaching opportunities. This is where Strategy Education can help. We are here to help new and experienced teachers progress their education careers.

Strategy Education also works closely alongside schools to fulfil their supply, part-time, and full-time recruitment requirements. Our skilled staff have access to a growing database of education professionals, which is vetted to ensure only the top talent is put forward.

We are a leading recruitment company in the education sector that has built strong relationships with teachers and schools in Brentwood as well as the rest of the country. By matching a school’s requirements with a candidate’s attributes, we always find the perfect fit.

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How we help candidates with teaching jobs in Brentwood

Thanks to a team of education specialists, we have the expertise and enthusiasm to help teaching professionals build enjoyable and successful careers. We help with:

  • Career advice – We will help define your career goals and provide advice on how to achieve them. We can also identify appropriate training opportunities for you.
  • Job search – We are the first to hear about teaching jobs because of our wide network of primary and secondary school contacts.
  • CV preparation – Our adept team know what employees look for and will help create your perfect CV that grabs the attention of potential employers.
  • Interview preparation – If you get invited to an interview, we will put you through our preparation sessions for the greatest chance of success.

How we help clients with teaching jobs in Brentwood

Along with interviewing and screening candidates, we also look carefully at their skills, qualifications, and attributes. As a result, our database only contains the kind of talent that would be well suited to your vacant positions.

We are able to help:

  • Schools that require permanent and part-time teachers
  • Schools that require temporary teachers for absent staff
  • Newly opened schools with full staffing needs
  • Large schools with complex teacher requirements
  • Elite schools with specific teacher requirements

Reasons to work with Strategy Education

We are one of the only recruitment companies in the UK that specialises in education. When combined with years of experience and industry knowledge, Strategy Education can give candidates and clients a competitive edge.

  • Accreditation – Our full accreditation from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) is testament to our professionalism and proficiency.
  • Flexibility – We will respond straightaway to any permanent, part-time, and full-time job requirements from candidates and clients.
  • Relationships – Our extensive network of primary and secondary schools across the UK benefits both candidates and clients.
  • Results – Strategy Education is proud of a proven track record, which continues to match the right teachers with the right schools.

If you need assistance with teaching jobs in Brentwood, get in touch with Strategy Education today – call 0345 521 9987