Demand is currently high for teachers with the right qualifications. Whether you are new to the teaching field or seeking out that dream promotion, we can help you find the greatest teaching opportunities Barking will bring. With assistance from Strategy Education, you can find the employers eager to discover teachers just like you to fill a fantastic position on the market in Barking.

But what separates Strategy Education from other recruitment agencies operating on the market? When you use a recruitment agency, you need someone on your side. You need a team that can act as a go-between for both schools, recruiters and of course, teachers on the market. This is exactly what we provide with connections and contacts in many schools across Barking. Working with recruiters, we can find the right teacher for the right position, helping both parties gain exactly what they need to succeed. Schools trust Strategy Education to find the best staff and you can put your faith in our service to make sure you get the position you want.

With 26 primary schools in Barking and around 13 secondary schools, there are plenty of possibilities for teachers eager to find a new job or gain a great position. There are even private schools looking for candidates right now and offering fantastic pay incentives.

How We Can Help You Find The Right Teaching Job In Barking


Providing a wide range of support for candidates in Barking, we can guarantee that you get the advice and knowledge that you need to gain a fresh teaching position. Our services include:

  • Help writing and styling the perfect CV
  • Priming you for each job interview with insider knowledge on questions that will be asked
  • Customised career advice to find the right position for you in Barking

How We Help You Find The Right Teachers In Barking


We know that you don’t want to waste time interviewing candidates that don’t match the role you are advertising. Allow Strategy Education to act as your gatekeeper, only providing access to highly qualified, expert candidates with fantastic levels of experience. We will even handle the interviews for you at the start to make sure you have a great pool of candidates to choose from when filling your Barking teaching position. We provide a wide range of services for schools including:

  • Getting the best supply staff for your school
  • Expert help on getting the right teacher for the right position
  • Providing the best candidates for private schools
  • Filling part-time, permanent and temporary positions

Working With Strategy Education

Our company is trusted by schools and teachers all over the country, including Barking. Whether you need a new teacher for your school or are looking for a fantastic new position, we can help.

We have built a strong brand, and our reputation is based on a long history of great relationships with both schools and teachers across the UK in locations like Barking.

Contact us today, and a friendly professional member of our team will be ready to find the right candidate or teaching position for you.