Strategy Education specialises in helping education professionals find teaching assistant jobs in great schools across the United Kingdom. With a management team that has more than 30 years of combined experience, we are highly skilled at matching the right teacher with the right school.

Our education consultants carefully review the qualifications, skills and career goals of each candidate before identifying teaching jobs that they are perfect for. We look at each school’s learning culture, academic standards and staffing requirements before providing them with candidates who will excel in each role.     

Strategy Education helps schools by creating a recruitment strategy that ensures they have suitable teaching assistants available to deliver exceptional education outcomes to students.  Our company can provide talented teaching assistants for part-time, full-time and supply teaching positions at short notice.

We help candidates prepare for job interviews, improve their curriculum vitae, plan their career and much more.  We love helping talented teaching assistants find a position where they will excel.

If you are looking for a teaching assistant job or your school is looking for qualified support assistant — contact us today on 0345 521 9987.  Read on to learn more about Strategy Education and our services.


What makes a great Teaching Assistant?

Teaching assistants work closely with other teachers, school administrators and parents to ensure every student has a firm grasp of the material being taught in the classroom. They identify students who require additional help and bring them up to speed with the rest of the class.  

It is a very rewarding role because teaching assistants and LSAs also work with gifted and talented children helping to challenge them and making sure they are progressing too, as well as supporting the children who are at the other end of the learning scale.

It is incredibly satisfying when a student has a breakthrough and finally understands a difficult problem they had been working on. Support assistants work closely with the classroom teacher, ensuring that teaching strategies are effectively implemented in the classroom. Some of the skills that great support assistants have include:    

  • They are very motivated, enthusiastic and devoted to helping students overcome problems that they have encountered
  • They are extremely organised and able to help the teacher successfully manage the classroom environment
  • They know how to build confidence and independence in students
  • They can teach the material in the curriculum in an easy to understand way to students
  • They can work well as a team member, assisting other teachers, administrators, educational psychologists and parents

How Strategy Education helps Teaching Assistants

Our team loves helping talented teaching assistants find exciting positions in schools. We work closely with each candidate to help them identify the direction they wish to take their career, then we locate the ideal employment opportunities in high quality schools.  

Strategy education has strong working relationships with hundreds of schools, which often need new staff for teaching assistant roles. Some of the services we offer teaching assistants include:

  • Curriculum Vitae assistance
    Our consultants understand how to present a curriculum vitae in a way that is attractive to school administrators. Our staff will help you improve your C.V, so it clearly highlights your qualifications, skills and capabilities.
  • Teacher job matching
    The talented staff at Strategy Education have the experience and skills necessary to match candidates with teaching assistant jobs that they are perfectly suited for. We start by interviewing each candidate to learn more about their background, skills, qualifications and career goals. Our consultants then look for teaching assistant jobs with hundreds of schools that we work with.
  • Job interview preparation
    Once we have matched a candidate with a great teaching position and the candidate has been asked to interview, we can help them prepare. Our interview preparation ensures you will be ready to make a great impression at interview.  
  • Career advice
    Whether you are an experienced educational professional or a early career teacher, our consultants can provide useful career advice. We will help you identify great job opportunities throughout the UK.

How we help educational institutions

Our goal is to make the recruitment process simple for schools by taking care of all aspects — including advertising, interviewing, credentialing and vetting of candidates.  We have a large database that consists of thousands of educational professionals.  Whenever you require a talented teaching assistant, we can quickly provide one. The main services we provide for schools include:

  • Development of a comprehensive recruitment strategy
    We can create a recruitment strategy that ensures your school has access to talented teaching assistants, whenever it needs them
  • Identifying outstanding teaching assistants for part-time or full-time positions
    We can search our database for teaching assistants who have the right skills, qualifications, teaching style and work ethic for your school
  • Supply teachers
    If some of your staff members are absent due to illness or temporary leave, we can provide supply teachers

Why choose Strategy Education?

Strategy Education has the right combination of experience, knowledge and personnel to make the recruitment process simple!  We have a large database of talented educational professionals and strong relationships with hundreds of schools. Other reasons to choose Strategy Education include:

  • We are responsive to the needs of schools
    Our company is responsive to the requests of schools. We can provide schools with highly qualified assistants at short notice and can answer the queries of teaching assistants within minutes.
  • Strategy Education is fully accredited
    Our company has gained the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education accreditation. That means our recruitment processes are professional, ethical and secure.
  • We have thousands of teaching assistants on our database
    Schools registering with Strategy Education gain access to thousands of education professionals.

If you are interested in finding a teaching assistant job or you have a support assistant position that needs to be filled, contact us today on 0345 521 9987!