Does your school have supply teaching vacancies? Are you a teacher looking for a position as a supply teacher? Strategy Education is here to help! We are the UK’s leading education recruitment company and have a long history of connecting teachers with supply teaching vacancies.

Our approach to education recruitment is very thorough and professional. Each teacher on our database is carefully interviewed and vetted before being allowed to apply for any positions. We assess each candidate’s skills, personality, qualifications and career goals before finding them the perfect teaching role with a school.

We also analyse the schools that we work with — paying close attention to the school’s staffing requirements, culture and academic standards. Our analytical approach to recruitment results in the right teachers being placed in the right schools.

Strategy Education has thousands of supply teachers on our books and we work with hundreds of different schools. Our team loves matching each candidate with a teaching vacancy where they will excel and deliver excellent educational outcomes to students.

If you are looking for supply teaching vacancies or your school is looking for supply teachers — contact us today on 0345 521 9987!  You can also read on to learn more about Strategy Education and our services.


How do we identify talented teachers?

Our talented recruitment specialists have the skills necessary to identify supply teaching candidates of exceptional quality. They have interviewed thousands of supply teachers over the years and understand which attributes are required to perform well in the role.  Those attributes typically include:

  • They are very good at quickly building a rapport with a class
  • They are very friendly and can quickly ingratiate themselves with other teachers, school administrators and students
  • They are very flexible and able to adapt to the requirements of each class and the students
  • They have excellent general knowledge and can transition between different subjects quickly
  • They are very organised and prepared to take over a classroom very quickly

How Strategy Education helps teachers

Strategy Education offers supply teachers a wide range of services including:

  • Career advice
    If you are unsure about the direction of your career, our talented recruitment consultants can help. They will help you identify your career goals, formulate a career plan and locate the ideal supply teaching vacancies.
  • Curriculum Vitae preparation
    We can improve your curriculum vitae, so it is much more attractive to potential employers — dramatically increasing your chances of being asked to interview.
  • Finding suitable vacancies
    Many schools turn to Strategy Education when they have a supply teaching vacancy to fill.  If you are interested in a supply teaching vacancy, we will be able to find one for you.
  • Job interview preparation
    Our recruitment consultants can help you prepare for any upcoming job interviews, maximising your chances of landing your dream job!

How we help schools fill supply teaching vacancies

We provide highly qualified and talented supply teachers to schools. Each candidate is thoroughly screened and credentialed before applying for a position. The main services provided by Strategy Education include:

  • Development of a complete recruitment strategy
    We can develop a detailed recruitment strategy that plans for the growth of your school, upcoming staffing changes and supply teacher requirements. Our strategy will ensure your school’s staffing requirements are met.
  • We identify outstanding teachers
    Our team identifies outstanding teachers with the right set of qualifications and personal attributes to excel at your school. They will immediately be effective and help to ensure excellent educational outcomes are achieved even when you have absent permanent staff.

Why choose Strategy Education?

Our management team has more than 30 years of experience in the education sector, which helps us identify the perfect supply teacher for each school. Other reasons to choose Strategy Education include:

  • Our recruitment fees are affordable
    Strategy Education offers schools very affordable rates and a clear fee schedule. We take pride in being one of the most proactive education recruitment companies in the UK.
  • Strategy Education is fully accredited
    Our company is an REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education accredited company. All advertising, interviewing and credentialing is performed professionally and ethically.
  • We have hundreds of supply teachers on our database
    Hundreds of talented supply teachers have registered with Strategy Education. When your school requires a supply teacher, we will search our database and provide the ideal candidates — quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for supply teaching vacancies or your school is looking for supply teachers — contact us today on 0345 521 9987!