Are you a qualified teacher looking for a Spanish teaching job or a school administrator looking for a brilliant Spanish teacher? Strategy Education can help!  We are an education recruitment company that matches talented teachers with schools across the United Kingdom.

Our management team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the education sector. This experience gives us great insight into the recruitment requirements of both education professionals and schools. We know how to identify the attributes and skills of candidates then place them into roles where they will excel.

Strategy Education helps education professionals by finding them Spanish teaching jobs that are a perfect match for their career goals, qualifications, and skills. We also help candidates by providing career advice, helping them improve their curriculum vitae and by offering practice job interviews.

We help educational institutions by finding candidates who have the right personality, qualifications, and experience for each role. Each candidate we provide is screened and vetted to ensure they are suitable for the position. We can fill any kind of Spanish teaching position that your school has including temporary, full-time and part-time positions.

If you are interested in finding a Spanish teaching job or you have a Spanish teaching position that needs to be filled, contact us today on 0345 521 9987 or read on to learn more about our services.


What Makes a Great Spanish Teacher?

Our team has helped hundreds of talented Spanish Teachers over the years. This experience has given us some insight into the attributes that effective Spanish teachers have. They usually have the following skills and characteristics:

  • A passion for learning new languages
  • A love for the Spanish language and culture
  • They are capable of presenting classes that are fun, interesting and engaging
  • They are capable of inspiring students into learning Spanish and other languages
  • They are interested in receiving feedback from students in the class
  • They really enjoy working in a classroom environment and sharing their knowledge
  • Constantly improves the way they deliver lessons
  • Encourages all students to participate in class

We Help Candidates Find the Right Spanish Teaching Job

Our team works closely with each candidate to gain an understanding of their career goals, background, skills, qualifications, and passions.  We then help them find a position that matches their unique attributes.  Our goal is to help educators find a job that they love, so they can improve educational outcomes for students. Some of the services that we provide for candidates include:

  • Helping candidates develop a career plan
    We employ career consultants who work closely with candidates to develop short-term and long-term career plans. This service is particularly useful for Early Career Teachers (ECT) who may not have a complete understanding of how they should develop their career.
  • Career advice
    If you have reached a point in your career where you are unsure about your next step, our consultants can help. They will identify training and employment opportunities that will take your career to the next level.
  • Curriculum Vitae preparation
    Our consultants can help you polish up your curriculum vitae, helping you to land an interview for your dream job!
  • Interview preparation
    If you have been invited to interview for a position, our team can help you prepare with mock interviews. Our interview sessions will help you be more calm, confident, and articulate at the interview.

We Help Schools Find Candidates For Spanish Teaching Jobs

Our talented consultants will identify candidates who are the perfect match for your school’s educational standards and culture. Each candidate that we identify will be fully vetted and eager to start work at your school. Our Spanish teacher recruitment services are ideal for:

  • Schools that require additional permanent, full-time or part-time Spanish teachers
  • Schools that require a Spanish teacher to fill in for staff members on leave or holidays
  • New schools that require many new teachers
  • Elite schools with very precise requirements for new teachers
  • Institutions with complex staffing arrangements

Why Choose Strategy Education?

Strategy Education is the leading provider of education recruitment services in the United Kingdom.  We have the right combination of industry experience, people skills, and knowledge to match qualified candidates with the right Spanish teaching positions.

We work with thousands of clients around the UK and hundreds of schools.  Our team is passionate about education and providing skilled teaching staff to maximise educational outcomes for students.  Here are a few more reasons why you should use Strategy Education:

  • Our company is fully accredited
    We are fully accredited with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).  This gives you the certainty that all recruitment, advertising, screening, and interviews will be performed correctly.
  • We have thousands of qualified candidates on our database
    Our company has access to thousands of highly qualified candidates who are eager to find a new position at a school. We carefully screen and interview each candidate so we find the ideal candidates for each position.
  • Flexibility
    Our team can quickly adapt to the recruitment requirements of your school. We can find a suitable candidate whenever you require one.
  • Working with schools across the United Kingdom
    Strategy Education works with schools located throughout the UK, helping them find the best candidates possible. The large number of schools that we work with helps candidates find employment in a desirable location.

If you are interested in finding a Spanish teaching job or you have a Spanish teaching position that needs to be filled, contact us today on 0345 521 9987!