Strategy Education is a specialist education recruitment company that connects the best and brightest education professionals with great schools. We help schools from across the United Kingdom fill secondary school vacancies with talented teachers.

Our management team has more than 30 years of experience working in the education sector and most of our recruitment consultants have spent years working in education.  

Before identifying candidates that are right for a school, we carefully evaluate the school’s academic standards, staffing requirements and culture. We use this information to identify teachers that are perfect for both the specific vacancy in question and the school itself.  

We help education professionals by matching them with school vacancies that they are perfect for. Our recruitment consultants have in-depth meetings with each candidate to learn more about their teaching style, career goals, qualifications, expectations and preferences before making any recommendations.  

Our thorough approach to recruitment delivers exceptional results. We gain great satisfaction in matching teachers with the right school, and improving educational outcomes for all students.

If you’re a school with a vacancy, or you are interested finding a school vacancy we can help!  Contact Strategy Education today on 0345 521 9987!


What is required to be a great secondary school teacher?

Working as a secondary school teacher is challenging, interesting and very rewarding.  However, it is also a demanding role that requires excellent communication skills, diplomacy and organisational skills.  

Strategy Education has helped thousands of secondary school teachers over the years.  Our recruitment consultants understand which attributes teachers must have to do well in the role. Those attributes include:

  • They are extremely knowledgeable about the subject they teach and have an affinity for the subject
  • They are passionate about teaching and helping their pupils achieve great things
  • They can take the academic material they are teaching and relate it to real life — helping students understand the real applications and value of the knowledge they are obtaining
  • They can maintain control of the classroom and use discipline effectively
  • They are flexible when it comes to lesson delivery and happy to change tact if students don’t appear to be engaged with the material

How our team helps teachers

Our company helps hundreds of educational professionals find their ideal teaching position each year. We start by performing a detailed interview with each candidate — learning more about their skills, qualifications, preferences, career goals, talents, motivations and much more.

This in-depth approach helps us identify school vacancies that the candidate is perfect for! Because we research each school extensively, we are able to match each candidate with a school where they will excel. Candidates immediately feel at home in their new teaching position. Some of the other ways that we help secondary school teachers include:

  • We provide teachers with career advice

Gone are the days when a teacher spends forty or fifty years at a single school.  Teachers need to be flexible and strategic when building their career. Luckily, Strategy Education is here to help!  We can create a strategic career plan which identifies the best career opportunities and learning opportunities that are currently available. You can enjoy a rewarding, secure and interesting career path.

  • Curriculum Vitae assistance

Having an impressive curriculum vitae is essential for obtaining a school job. Our talented consultants will help you craft a C.V that is concise, easy to read, and informative. It will clearly highlight your skills and make you a highly desirable candidate for school vacancies.

  • Job interview preparation

Once you have impressed school administrators with your C.V, the next step is having a great interview. Our consultants can help by providing the most likely questions that the  school will ask. We can also run mock job interviews to help you become familiar with the interview process and practice your answers.

How Strategy Education helps schools

Our comprehensive approach to recruiting, interviewing, credentialing and vetting of candidates means that schools only receive excellent candidates for their vacancies.

Our approach can save your school a substantial amount of time and money. You will also ensure your staffing requirements are met and students always have access to quality teachers. The services that we provide include:

  • Recruitment strategy creation
    Strategy Education can create a recruitment strategy that ensure the staffing requirements of your school are met. Our consultants will take a close look at your enrolment levels and the status of current staff before suggesting a recruitment strategy that ensures you always have access to excellent teachers.
  • Filling part-time or full-time school vacancies
    If you already have a secondary school vacancy, we can look at our database to determine if we have a suitable candidate already on the books. If not, we will advertise for a candidate who is the perfect match for your school.
  • Supply teachers
    We can supply specialist secondary school teachers to deal with any unexpected staffing shortages.  

Why use Strategy Education to fill your role?

Strategy Education is dedicated to making the recruitment process simple for schools and helping education professionals find a job they love. The main reasons to choose Strategy Education include:

  • Our recruitment company is fully accredited to REC standards
    We have the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education accreditation. This is the recruitment industry’s top accreditation and gives you the certainty that all advertising, interviews, vetting and credentialing are carried out thoroughly.
  • Strategy Education is an affordable option
    We understand the budget constraints that many schools experience and aim to deliver a recruitment solution that is affordable.
  • We have a large database
    Strategy Education has a database that include thousands of talented secondary school teachers. This helps us quickly respond to staffing requests from schools.

If your school is looking to fill secondary school vacancies, or you are a teacher looking for a secondary school teaching position — Strategy Education can help!  Contact us today on 0345 521 9987!