Strategy Education is the UK’s leading education recruitment company. We work exclusively within the education sector, helping talented teachers connect with great schools.  

Our management team has over 30 years of combined experience in the education sector, which gives us incredible insight into the requirements of both schools and teachers. We help hundreds of schools across the UK fill their primary school vacancies by providing high quality candidates who are passionate about teaching.  

Each candidate is thoroughly interviewed, vetted and credentialed before being forwarded for a position. They are carefully screened and have the right skills, experience and personality to fit in well at your school.

Our team of consultants meets with each candidate to learn more about their career goals, background, qualifications and skills before finding positions that they will love.

If your school has a primary school vacancy, or you are a teacher looking for a primary school teaching job — Strategy Education can help!  Contact us today on 0345 521 9987!  You can also read on to learn more about our recruitment services.


What attributes do great primary school teachers have?

Working as a primary school teacher is one of the most rewarding and exciting roles in the education sector. Teachers in this role get to watch their students progress at a very rapid rate and develop their own unique academic interests.

Strategy Education has worked with hundreds of great primary school teachers over the years. We have noticed that they all seem to share a certain set of traits, including:

  • They love working with children and helping them to learn more about the world
  • They have an engaging personality and great sense of humour
  • They are well organised and able to plan lessons with clear objectives and have great classroom management skills
  • They have a strong working knowledge of the curriculum
  • They can create a classroom environment with a sense of community
  • They have a flexible approach to teaching and know when to change

How our company helps teachers find primary school vacancies

Strategy Education is dedicated to helping education professionals find primary school vacancies in fantastic schools. We achieve this goal by meeting with each candidate and learning more about their personal preferences, teaching style, qualifications and career goals.  

Using this information, we find suitable schools with vacancies that are a great match.  We make sure each candidate is matched with a school where they will excel. Strategy Education works with hundreds of schools, so we regularly have primary school vacancies that need to be filled.  We also provide the following services to teachers:

  • Assistance with your Curriculum Vitae

It is crucial that your curriculum vitae be well written. It must be succinct and only contain the information that school administrators require to determine if you are a suitable candidate. We can ensure your C.V, is well written and appropriate for the primary school vacancy you are applying for.

  • Job interview preparation

After you have been accepted to interview, the next challenge you face will be the interview. Our career consultants can help you prepare for the interview by providing the most likely questions that will be asked and running mock interviews.  

  • Career advice

Our experienced career consultants can help you plan the next step in your career.  They have helped hundreds of teachers succeed in careers that are fulfilling and enriching.

How we help schools fill vacancies

Strategy Education helps primary schools gain access to talented teachers by offering a range of recruitment services. We take care of the entire recruitment process, allowing your school to focus on what it does best — educating students.  

We use a very strict screening, vetting and credentialing process to ensure that all candidates recommended for a position are suitable and ready to work. Each candidate we recommend has the right qualifications and personal attributes to fit in well with your school’s culture and academic standards. The main recruitment services we provide for primary schools include:

  • Creating detailed recruitment strategies

Strategy Education will look at your current staffing arrangements and student levels before creating a recruitment strategy. We will also look ahead to identify any potential staffing shortages that may occur in the future and make arrangements to deal with them. Using our recruitment strategy means that long term staffing decisions are not rushed and you always have access to excellent teachers.

  • Providing talented candidates for long term positions

If you have vacancies that are for long term positions, you will be interested in finding the very best candidate possible. Our team will look through our database of thousands of qualified candidates to find outstanding teachers for your school. We will also advertise to find additional candidates with the right combination of qualifications and personal attributes.

  • Supply teachers and short term teachers

When your primary school has unexpected staffing shortages, it can be very stressful for your staff. Strategy Education can help you deal with unexpected shortages by providing supply teachers and short term teachers with the right qualifications and experience.

Why use Strategy Education to fill your role?

Strategy Education has been providing schools with exceptional teachers since 2008. We have a deep understanding of the education sector and excel at matching schools with talented teachers. Other reasons to choose Strategy Education for primary school vacancies include:

  • Strategy Education is fully accredited with the REC
    Strategy Education has the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education accreditation. This is the gold standard accreditation in the recruitment sector. This accreditation demonstrates that we perform all aspects of the recruitment process ethically and professionally.
  • We have a database of excellent teachers
    We have thousands of education professionals on our books, which gives schools many great options to choose from.

If your school has primary school vacancies, or you are a teacher looking for a primary school teaching job — Strategy Education can help!  Contact us today on 0345 521 9987!