Strategy Education is an experienced education recruitment company servicing the United Kingdom. We help learning institutions fill middle school vacancies by connecting them with talented teachers.

Unlike most other recruitment companies, we only work in the education sector. Our management team has more than 30 years of combined experience in education, and most of our recruitment consultants have a background in education. Our knowledge of the sector helps us identify gifted education professionals and place them in schools where they will excel.

Strategy Education helps learning institutions fill all types of middle school vacancies including temporary, part-time and full-time positions. We can supply fully qualified and experienced middle school teachers, Early Career Teachers (ECT), Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCo), and Learning Support Assistants (LSA’s).

Our team of talented consultants can develop a recruitment strategy for your school. We will then locate education professionals who are perfect for your culture and academic standards.

We help education professionals by providing a range of services including job matching, curriculum vitae preparation, interview preparation and career advice. Our career consultants help teachers have an enjoyable and exciting career in education.

If your school has middle school vacancies that need to be filled, or you are a teacher looking for a teaching position — Strategy Education can help.  Contact us today on 0345 521 9987!   You can also read on to learn more about our services.


What makes a great middle school teacher?

Middle school teachers have one of the best jobs in the education sector. They are working with children who are at an age where they are very inquisitive and funny. These children will blurt out all kinds of hilarious comments and ideas as they gain an education — making for a fun and energetic classroom environment.

The recruitment consultants at Strategy Education have interviewed thousands of middle school teachers over the years and helped them find the perfect roles. Our vast experience has given us some insight into the kinds of qualifications and personal attributes that great middle school teachers possess. They usually include:

  • They have a great sense of humour and can keep children entertained
  • They love working with children in this age group
  • They know how to get children excited about a topic and can really connect with them
  • They don’t mind experimenting with teaching styles and are very flexible
  • They understand that children have very different personalities at this age
  • They are very organised and can manage a busy classroom

How our team helps teachers

Our company has helped thousands of education professionals from across the UK find their ideal role since 2008. We enjoy learning more about each candidate, then finding them the perfect position.

The process starts with one of our recruitment consultants interviewing the candidate.  They will learn more about the candidate’s background, qualifications, experience, skills, personal attributes and career goals.  We will use this information when searching our database of available positions.

If a suitable position is not found immediately, the candidate will be placed on our database. When a new position opens up, they will be immediately notified. Some of the other services that we offer include:

  • Career advice

Whether you are a early career teacher or a very experienced teacher, it is possible to come to a crossroads in your career and be unsure about your next step. Our consultants can help by identifying potential vacancies and training opportunities to take your career in the direction you want.

  • Curriculum Vitae preparation

Our recruitment consultants understand exactly what should be in a curriculum vitae to ensure it gets the attention of school administrators and human resources specialists.  We can help you shape your C.V so it perfectly showcases your skills, qualifications and capabilities.

  • Job interview preparation

If you have been invited to interview for a position, our consultants can help you prepare. We can provide you with the most likely questions that you will be asked and run mock interviews. You will walk into the interview completely prepared and feeling confident!

How we help schools fill vacancies

As any school administrator knows, finding the right staff members can take a great deal of time. Organising job listings, advertising the position, reading resumes, vetting and interviewing applicants can take countless hours.

You can make the process much simpler by hiring Strategy Education. Our experienced team can take care of the entire process including interviewing, credentialing and vetting.  We will identify highly qualified applicants who have the right skills, work ethic, qualifications and personality for your school’s culture and academic standards.

Strategy Education already has thousands of candidates on our database. If we cannot find a suitable candidate on our database, we will advertise online and in newspapers to find the perfect teacher. The main services we provide include:

  • We can create a comprehensive recruitment strategy for your school
    Strategy Education can create a recruitment strategy that ensures your middle school has the staff it needs.
  • Supplying candidates for part-time or full-time middle school vacancies
    Our recruitment consultants will find exceptional candidates for all of your part-time and full-time vacancies.  
  • Supply teachers
    Strategy Education can provide specialised supply teachers to fill in for sick or absent teaching staff at your school. We are very responsive to the requirements of schools and will find you a qualified teacher in a very short time frame.

Why use Strategy Education to fill your vacancies?

Strategy Education has the right combination of experience and skills to match the right candidate with the right school. Because our sole focus is the education sector, we can provide results far better than generalised recruitment companies. The main reasons to choose Strategy Education include:

  • Our company is fully accredited with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation
    Strategy Education has the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education accreditation. This gives both schools and education professionals the assurance that all recruiting, vetting, credentialing and advertising will be carried out professionally and ethically.
  • We are highly responsive to the requirements of teachers and schools
    Strategy Education is constantly available to help both schools and teachers with their recruitment requirements and questions.
  • Our database includes hundreds of exceptional teachers
    Schools that sign up with Strategy Education will gain access to the many education professionals on our database. They are fully qualified, vetted and credentialed candidates who are eager to fill middle school vacancies.

If your school is interested in filling vacancies, or you are a teacher looking for a teaching position — Strategy Education can help!  Contact us today on 0345 521 9987!