London is one of the biggest and best-known cities in the world, and is home to a number of diverse and dynamic communities.

With such a vast population, it comes as no surprise that London is split up into separate areas, known as boroughs.

There are 33 recognised boroughs in London, and each has its own schools and colleges of further and higher education. We have a variety of job roles available on our website, making it possible to develop your next career step within the educational sector.

Why London?

Many people from around the world choose London as a place to relocate to. Many travel to the city in order to fulfil their dreams, or simply follow their chosen career path.

London has a rich history and is also recognised as a cultural hotspot. It is known as a constant hive of activity, with never a dull moment.

Travel is particularly simple in London with its extensive underground network, known as ‘the Tube’ and also the world renown red buses or London black cabs! You can even rent a bicycle for your local commute through the city. Because of this, you can easily commute across the entire stretch of the city and through the different boroughs. All of these available methods of transport are easily accessible and easy to use.

This means that if you choose to live and work in London then you can live in one area and work in another with minimal hassle getting there and back.


A variety of London School Jobs

Here at Strategy Education we have a variety of different London school and college of further and higher education Jobs on offer on our easy-to-use website. No matter which type of role you are looking for, there is a good chance that we will have exactly the right job vacancy for you.

Teachers of both primary and secondary schools can find a role within their own specific area of teaching.

There are also vacancies for other staff members that you can find within a London school, college; for example, Head Teachers and SENCo workers can find their next role with ease.

Not only do we provide a facility to find teaching-based roles, but we also have a number of other education vacancies throughout the London area ready and waiting for the perfect candidate.

So, are you ready to look through the London school jobs that we have here at Strategy Education? Browse our site today to see the variety of opportunities that we have on offer.

From Head Teachers to those who offer support to students, we have all bases covered across the different aspects of the educational system. With our help we are sure that you can discover the perfect next step in your career.