Strategy Education are the most reliable, effective and professional education recruitment services in the country.  

Because we have a management team that has more than 30 years of combined experience in the education sector, we understand the unique requirements of both learning institutions and educators. We are highly skilled at meeting those requirements and matching brilliant teachers with great schools.    

Strategy Education helps schools by interviewing, credentialing and recruiting teachers that are the right match for the school’s academic standards and culture. We can provide substitute or permanent teachers as well as staff for central office staff and special needs teachers.  

Our company has an extensive database of talented teachers from across the UK, which helps us provide subject specific teachers when you need one. We often help schools fill IT teaching jobs with skilled professionals who can provide students with an excellent learning environment.

We help teachers by providing career advice, helping them prepare their curriculum vitae, prepare for interviews and much more. Once a candidate has been interviewed and vetted, we can find them jobs that are perfectly matched for their career goals, teaching style and personal preferences.

If you are looking for an IT teaching job or have a position available — contact us today on 0345 521 9987!  You can also read on to learn more about Strategy Education and our services.


What makes a great IT teacher?

We have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of teachers over the years. This experience has helped us define the qualities that great IT teachers possess.  They include:

  • They are lifelong learners who keep up to date with the latest advancements in information technology
  • They have the ability to learn and communicate complex ideas in an easy to understand way
  • They can teach students how to adapt to new technology and information systems
  • They can take a dry subject like information technology and make it interesting with humour!

How Strategy Education helps teachers find IT teaching jobs

The team at Strategy Education knows the education sector well. We understand that every educator is looking for a role that they find rewarding, fulfilling and interesting. Strategy Education provides the following services to education professionals:

  • Job matching services
    Strategy Education helps teachers find the very best jobs in schools. Our consultants will discuss your career goals and personal preferences before finding suitable positions. We work with hundreds of schools and regularly identify openings for IT teachers for both full time and part time positions.
  • Curriculum Vitae preparation
    It is important for education professionals to have a well formatted curriculum vitae that clearly outlines their qualifications, skills and experience. Our talented consultants can help you refine your CV and help you gain more job interviews.
  • Job interview preparation
    Interviewing well takes a lot of practice! Thankfully, our consultants are here to help you become an expert interviewee. We can set up mock job interviews that feel like the real thing — helping you perform exceptionally well when called into a real interview.

Strategy Education helps schools fill IT teaching jobs

Our company’s main goal is to simplify the recruitment process for schools. We achieve this goal by developing a database of extremely talented teachers including hundreds of specialist IT teachers.  

When a learning institution requires an IT teacher, we take a close look at their specific requirements and find suitable candidates. All candidates are carefully vetted and interviewed before being allowed to apply for a position. We always ensure each candidate has a background suitable for the school’s academic standards and culture.  The key services we provide for schools include:

  • Our consultants can help your school develop a recruitment strategy that ensures reliable access to high-quality education professionals
  • We can provide short-term and supply teachers to deal with IT teacher shortages
  • Our consultants can help you find Early Career Teachers (ECT) for your school’s IT teaching positions
  • Our consultants can help elite schools find very high-quality IT teachers

Why choose Strategy Education for your staffing requirements?

Our primary goal is to connect brilliant teachers with great schools. We have a proven track record for being reliable, professional and responsive. Here are some other reasons to choose us:

  • Strategy education is fully accredited
    We hold the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education  accreditation. All aspects of the recruitment process are performed professionally and ethically, including advertising, interviews, candidate screening and compliance checks.  We value the privacy of both our clients and have strict IT security procedures in place.
  • Strategy Education has a database of thousands of highly qualified candidates
    Over the years, we have established a database of incredibly talented education professionals. If your school has a job position available, we can find excellent candidates in a relatively short period of time. Your school will be spoilt for choice!

If you are interested in finding an IT teaching job or you have an IT teaching position that needs to be filled, contact us today on 0345 521 9987!