Strategy Education is the leading provider of recruitment for schools and colleges of further and higher education in the UK. Our team helps learning institutions fill their vacancies with incredibly talented education professionals.

We have a management team with more than 30 years of experience in the education sector, which gives us deep insight into the recruitment requirements of both education institutions and teachers. Many of our recruitment specialists also have a background in the sector, which helps them find the best teacher possible for vacancies.

Strategy Education uses a very comprehensive method for matching educators with education vacancies. This process involves exhaustive interviewing, vetting, and credentialing of each candidate.

Our approach also includes an investigation of each education institution enrolling with us. We learn as much as we can about the school or college’s academic standards, culture, curriculum and staffing requirements before recommending any candidates. This approach is proven to work well and helps us connect teachers with vacancies where they will excel.

If you are interested in finding a position at a further education institution or you have a further education vacancy that needs to be filled, contact us today on 0345 521 9987. You can also read on to learn more about our company and the services that we offer.


What attributes make a further education candidate special?

Over the years, we have placed hundreds of candidates into further education vacancies.  This experience has helped us identify the kinds of candidates that excel in further education positions. We have noticed that they share certain traits including:

  • They are highly specialised and have excellent knowledge on complex subjects
  • They are compassionate and really care about their students
  • They encourage students to develop their own ideas and grow academically
  • They are very organised and come to each lesson prepared
  • They can present complex material in a way that is engaging for students
  • They are enthusiastic about the material they are teaching

How we help teachers find further education vacancies

The consultants at Strategy Education have helped thousands of job seekers find the perfect education vacancy.

We are highly skilled at matching candidates with positions that are perfectly suited to their career aspirations, qualifications and personal preferences. Our consultants achieve excellent results by interviewing each candidate at length. We ask questions about everything from career goals to hobbies and the candidate’s preferred teaching style.

We work with hundreds of schools and colleges across the United Kingdom. When they have a new further education vacancy, they turn to Strategy Education and we look at our database of education professionals for the perfect match.

We are often asked to provide candidates for part-time, full-time and temporary positions in schools and colleges. Some of the services that our company provides for teachers include:

  • Further education job matching service

After a candidate has registered with Strategy Education, they will be interviewed, vetted and credentialed. We will then look for positions that perfectly match their skills, qualifications, career goals and personal preferences. Because we perform in-depth interviews with each candidate, we can find them ideal vacancies.

  • Career advice

Our management team and recruitment specialists have many decades of combined experience in the education sector. They can provide candidates with excellent career advice, helping them to enjoy a very satisfying and exciting career.

  • Curriculum Vitae preparation

We can help you develop a curriculum vitae that impresses potential employers.

  • Interview preparation

Once you have secured an interview, our team can help you prepare. We can run mock job interviews — asking questions that are tailored to the position you are applying for and your background.

Our approach to filling further education vacancies

Strategy Education has devised a comprehensive approach that helps learning institutions find the perfect candidates for their vacancies. It starts with one of our consultants talking with your team to learn more about your school’s requirements, standards and culture.

We then look towards our candidate database to find candidates that are a great match for your requirements. If none can be found, we advertise to find suitable candidates.  Each candidate is interviewed and thoroughly vetted before being forwarded for a position.

Because all candidates are perfectly matched to your requirements, you won’t waste any time meeting unsuitable teachers. All candidates will be ready to work and suitable for the position.

Our education recruitment services are perfect for:

  • Learning institutions with permanent positions that need to be filled
  • Learning institutions that require supply teachers
  • Large educational institutions with complex hiring requirements
  • Elite schools who require exceptional teachers for further education roles

Why choose Strategy Education?

Strategy Education has been helping schools fill further education vacancies since 2008.  We work with thousands of education professionals and hundreds of schools across the UK. Our team knows how to spot talented teachers and match them with schools where they will excel! The main reasons to choose us include:

  • Strategy Education is fully accredited
    We have received full accreditation from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). This means that all compliance checks, customer service, data protection and advertising is carried out ethically and professionally.
  • Our company is responsive to your needs
    We work hard to be available whenever a client needs us. If your school has a sudden staffing shortage or you have a question about a position, we will be quickly available to help.
  • Strategy Education provides access to many talented and qualified candidates
    We have thousands of excellent candidates on our database. Our team can quickly identify candidates who are a perfect match for your further education vacancy.
  • We work with hundreds of schools from across the UK
    Our company has excellent relationships with many schools across the UK. This enables us to offer education professionals access to many different employment opportunities.
  • Subject-specific supply teachers
    If your school requires a highly specialised teacher to fill a specific class, we can help.

If you are interested in finding further education vacancies or you have a vacancy that needs to be filled, contact us today on 0345 521 9987.