Strategy Education is a leading education recruitment company that connects newly qualified teachers with schools across the UK. We enjoy finding them placements with great schools where their skills will be truly appreciated.

Our team of experienced recruitment consultants learns as much as possible about each NQT before finding them vacancies that they are suitable for. We use a comprehensive interview process — learning about each candidate’s interests, career objectives, hobbies, personality and qualifications before finding them positions they will love.

Our company has strong relationships with hundreds of schools, which means the NQTs on our database have some incredible opportunities on offer to them. We often have NQT education vacancies with some of the best schools in the country.

Strategy Education helps schools by providing them with the most talented, creative and energetic newly qualified teachers available. Each NQT is thoroughly interviewed, vetted, and credentialed before being allowed to apply for a position — which gives you the certainty that they are suitable for your school.

If you are looking for NQT vacancies or your school is looking for newly qualified teachers — contact us today on 0345 521 9987!  You can also read on to learn more about Strategy Education and our services.


How do you spot a talented newly qualified teacher?

Strategy Education has interviewed thousands of newly qualified teachers since we were established in 2008. We have become adept at spotting teachers with the right set of skills and attributes to succeed in challenging situations. Those skills and attributes include:

  • They are very motivated, enthusiastic and devoted to helping students. They have a real passion for teaching and can’t wait to get started
  • They are very organised and able to manage a busy classroom
  • They have well-developed communication skills and are easy to talk to
  • They can work well as a team member, assisting other teachers, administrators and parents

How Strategy Education helps newly qualified teachers

Our team is dedicated to helping newly qualified teachers find vacancies. The services that we provide to newly qualified teachers include:

  • Career advice

Newly qualified teachers may be feeling some uncertainty when they complete their qualifications and are ready to enter the workforce. Strategy Education can help by developing a career plan that identifies NQT education vacancies and further education opportunities that lead to a successful career.

  • Curriculum Vitae preparation

Our recruitment consultants know how to present a curriculum vitae so it is informative, professional and easy to understand. We can dramatically improve your chances of being asked to interview for a position.

  • Finding suitable NQT vacancies

Our company works with hundreds of schools who regularly need newly qualified teachers to join their staff. We can identify NQT vacancies that perfectly match your skills, qualifications and personal preferences.

  • Job interview preparation

Job interviews can be daunting, particularly for newly qualified teachers. We can help you prepare by performing mock interviews and giving you details of the most common questions asked during interviews. By rehearsing for the interview, you will be calm, cool and collected during the big day.

How we help educational institutions

Our team thoroughly interviews each candidate to ensure they are suitably qualified and ready to work. We perform all of the necessary vetting and credentialing so you know the candidate is suitable for your school.  

Our recruitment consultants also get to know each candidate on a personal level — learning more about their hobbies, interests, career goals and personality.  This helps us find the perfect candidate for your school’s culture. The other services we provide for schools include:

  • Development of a comprehensive recruitment strategy
    We can develop a recruitment strategy that ensures your school has access to talented newly qualified teachers, when it needs them.
  • We identify outstanding newly qualified teachers for part-time or full-time positions
    Our recruitment consultants are experts at spotting newly qualified teachers who have the right attributes to excel at different types of schools.
  • Supply teachers
    We can identify newly qualified teachers to work as supply teachers.

Why choose Strategy Education?

We find matching educators with institutions very fulfilling, and love it when a newly qualified teacher finds the perfect job!  Other reasons to choose Strategy Education include:

  • We are responsive to the needs of both schools and teachers
    If your school urgently requires a newly qualified teacher to fill a permanent or temporary position, we will quickly respond.
  • Strategy Education is fully accredited
    Our company has gained the REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) Audited Education accreditation. This accreditation gives you the certainty that all interviewing, advertising and credentialing is performed professionally.
  • We have thousands of newly qualified teachers on our database
    Schools registering with Strategy Education gain access to thousands of newly qualified teachers from across the UK — you will be spoilt for choice.
  • We work with hundreds of schools
    Newly qualified teachers who register with Strategy Education can apply for positions with hundreds of schools.

If you are looking for NQT education vacancies or your school is looking for newly qualified teachers — contact us today on 0345 521 9987!